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Terms and Conditions



1. General provisions
The terms and conditions of XCoorp GmbH (hereinafter referred as "XCoorp") have the objective of the business relationship between the client (known t as "customer") and XCoorp to regulate binding and fair for all. These can be accessed at www.XCoorp in the Internet. The customer acknowledges in an order the terms of XCoorp.

2. Scope
All services and supplies which XCoorp provides to the customer, will be implemented on the basis of the terms and conditions. Differing terms and conditions are not recognized by XCoorp, unless they are confirmed (in writing) by XCoorp. When a customer orders a third-line access provider or other services to a third party on XCoorp or ordered as an additional service created here separate contractual relationships with the respective partners of XCoorp. Such contractual relationships are subject to the extra-defined conditions and the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions also apply to future transactions, even if not explicitly make reference thereto.

3. Legislation
The customer agrees to XCoorp away from any damage that is caused by marketed messages or activities. The customer shall ensure that the contents of the backed up data does not violate applicable law or is extremist. XCoorp entitled to terminate the contract without notice if the individual failed despite warning against those conditions. The employees of XCoorp are bound by the Data Protection Act and are subject to confidentiality. Custommerdata of the customer (title, first name, last name, Address, etc.) are stored by XCoorp. These data are not evaluated, nor are they outside the framework of the legal requirements or the needs to operate our services to third parties. For privacy protection data is stored by XCoorp with the state of the art proven and market measures. If someone manages to get at illegal way data and re-use them, XCoorp is not responsible for it. XCoorp is allowed to use Name, Internet-adress and kinds of service as reference.. The customer has the possibility of prohibiting the publication by a written notice to XCoorp.

4. Contract and Terms and Conditions
Offers by XCoorp are not binding unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Orders must not be accepted by XCoorp. The customer must be at least 18 years old. If this is not the case, the signature of a parent or guardian is required. When a customer orders by sending  (eg, online order form, Webshop or email) within a period of 7 days revokes, XCoorp is entitled to assume that this is an order. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. The contract period begins with the unlock of the Account or uploading of data. The contract period is at least 12 months. The contract automatically renewes, unless the customer canceled (written and signed) a month before the expiry. Because of advances in technical development XCoorp is entitled to the contract provisions, and the prices to change at any time and adaptation. If this were the case, the customer is informed in writing of the contract and the date of the change. This communication will take place a month before the change date. If the customer does not notice the change, it will be recognized as accepted. The volume of data for the webspace is predefined in the Treaty of XCoorp and the customer. When the customer orders a larger package, the difference amount to the existing package will be charged for the remaining term and is carried from the date of the changeover. XCoorp has to check for variations of the customers and within 14 working days written notice via email. XCoorp and the customer will then choose the desired changes in binding a new contract. The purpose of this contract are all Internet services from XCoorp and all the customer requested web storage packages provided that the customer have been allocated.

5. Condifentiality
Both parties (XCoorp and the customer) will deal with important, essential and non-public information of other contractors with the well-known in business confidentiality. Business secrets will be handelt strictly confidential. This confidentiality does not apply to information that a contractor has a) received by a third party b) information which are generally known in the contract. Both parties (XCoorp and the customer) will require their employees accordingly.

7. Disclaimer
The customer agrees that the services of XCoorp be used at his own risk. XCoorp does not guarantee that the services will be uninterrupted or error-free. Furthermore, there is no guarantee XCoorp to the results that are achieved through the use of the services, nor about the accuracy, usefulness or content of the information. XCoorp, and its employees are not liable for any damages caused, directly or indirectly, which arises in the context of the use of or unavailability of services. This also includes damages. For any lack of commercial success is not liable XCoorp. All contracts that are offered on the purchase or sale of goods between customers and end users are, only between these two parties. XCoorp has no influence in this.  The liability of XCoorp is limited to intent and gross negligence. XCoorp takes out the provisions of § § 6 paragraph 1 Z9 consumer protection law and product liability $ 9 no guarantee that the services available without interruption

9. Payment and Retention

The services of XCoorp are depending on the chosen method of payment, payable in advance. Payments have to be paid within 14 days from date of invoice without deductions. International transfers are charged to the customer. XCoorp doesnt grant discounts. If the customer doesnt pay  XCoorp is authorized to forward costs and charges which may arise therefrom to the customer. XCoorp has the right,if a customer doesnt pay to forward this to a collection agency. When a confiscation order between XCoorp and the customer and is being directed back, costs will be charged to the customer. If the benefits are not paid after the third reminder, XCoorph can lock the services without notice. Release after a settling of the account is free. The Customer agrees that it will be sent to the accounts via email. The customer can always check invoices and the contract in the internet.Delivered by XCoorp product remains in possession of XCoorp, until all debts are paid.

10. Other provisions
  XCoorp can pass on responsibilities and rights under this contract to third parties. Any changes or additions to a contract are only in written form if both parties agree. If provisions of this Treaty shall not be legally, or lose its validity due to a later circumstance, or it turns out a loophole, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Or it is to fill this gap, an appropriate arrangement can be made by both parties, have come the closest to what both parties wanted, if that point will be considered. Communications which are required to the customers of XCoorp are made via email to his email address or by post-mail. If these changes are not challenged within 14 days, they are adopted by XCoorp. Changes in general business conditions will be sent to the customer by email to his email address or by post. If the customer not challenges this within period of two weeks  it will be adopted by XCoorp. Should the change be to the detriment of the customer, the customer can cancel the contract within one month. Amendments or additions will only be effective if in writing and have both parties undersigned. A sale of individual divisions of XCoorp or a change in ownership shall not establish a special termination.

11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
This contract is subject to the law of the Republic of Austria to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of the conflict rules of international private law. The jurisdiction for all disputes exclusively to the Commercial Court of Vienna. XCoorp is entitled to sue at the general jurisdiction of the customer.


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