Thursday, 27 June 2019


Extended informations about OnlineBackup


Sometimes there are prejudices regarding online backups, these are listed and solutions are explained in more details below:


Myth 1: Online Backup is slow and consumes a high bandwidth

BackUP Motion uses advanced lossless compression method for transmitting and storing the user data. In a dataset of about. 1GB (= 1024MB) with an average of 60% of Word, Excel, emails, databases and 40% different content such as pictures, sound recordings, etc., the real amount of data to be sent is only about 500MB.

With a standard internet connection with 8 MBit download and 768kbit upload  the transmission time for the first backup is less than 2 hours!

Since only on the first backup ALL data will be transferred the next backups take only a fraction of that time. If you have a Word file with 50MB (study, technical work, etc.) and have now extended this document with 10MB (1picture and 1MB of text) next backup uploads only the new content on the server and is added to the existing file, so only need about 5MB be transferred! (After automatic compression)


Myth 2: Online Backup is unsafe because the data were sent over the Internet, information could be intercepted.

BackUP Motion uses in addition to the compression process  a very high level of encryption up to 256-bit (AES)! Until now no "hackers" managed it to crack this encryption successfully and read data from it.


Not even we can read your files since the encryption key isn´t transmitted to our high security data center. In the event of a recovery you can use the software or just enter your key back in the BackUP Motion webinterface.


Myth 3: An OnlineBackUP is not as flexible as a classic method

An OnlineBackup is a lot more flexible than a classic method! BackUP Motion supports all common operating systems. If want to backup a greater amount than ordered in your package you can easly upgrade without any effort and with no expensive purchase of additional backup hardware.

Additionally your data is protected from possible environmental disasters like fire, water, lightning (hardware loss) and hardware theft and thus before your data is irretrievable lost. 


Myth 4: An Online Backup is vulnerable to errors and con not be used on mobile connections

BackUP Motion uses a state-of-the-art error correction and stops by an connection error and resumes as soon as the connection is re-established. After every backup a report is sent to you via email, so you can check instantly if there were any errors or problems.


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