Thursday, 27 June 2019


Installation instructions for BackUP Motion

A BackUP Motion ™ is easy and is explained step by step.

Download the latest version of  BackUP Motion software from the download area of Then start the installer by double clicking.


Select one of the available 31 languages for the application.

Then confirm your selection with OK.


In the next step the installation wizard appears, proceed by clicking  Next 


Confirm after reading the license agreement with "I accept the agreement" and click Next 

In the next window, you can determine in which directory on your hard disk the program will be installed, in most cases there is no reason to change this setting.

In the next step the wizard asks for which users BackUP Motion should be available.


In most cases the default setting will be OK so you can press Next again.

Now a summary of your installations-settings will appear.

After a click on Install the files will be copied to your harddisk.

When the installation is complete a final dialog will appear and ask if BackUP Motion should be started. Click on Finish to start the application.

A manual in PDF format is available Here


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