Thursday, 27 June 2019


small/medium sized Enterprises


BackUP Motion for small and medium sized enterprises

Your Situation:

Your are a successful small/medium sized enterprise and have a small local network with some servers, desktops and laptops for field staff.

The computer are connected to the (domain)server which has a RAID and no additional backup. All important files are stored in the accounting application and e-mails, contacts and appointments are stored on the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Our Solution:

With BackUP Motion you have a customized backup solution in a high security datacenter (ISO 27001 certified).

Protect yourself against fire, water, theft and data manipulation. Once our software is installed, the backups where made unnoticed in background or over night. You need help for installing BackUP Motion? No problem, just give us a call. (0043 1 338 338-0)

The data will be transmitted encrypted to our servers and will be stored. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain possession of the data. The key to decrypt the data is known only by YOU.

Your advantages:

Your data is backed up to a maximum-secrity datacenter. In case of theft, fire, water or hardware damage your files would be irretrievably lost. With BackUP Motion you just have to install the application on the new PC and secure your data.



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