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BackUPMotion for doctors and clinics

Your Situation:
Each doctor or clinic manages their patient data, billing and accounting information by computer. Usually you operate some servers and a few clients.

The files are on a server with tape drive. This server performs a backup to tape some time. This backup is not encrypted, in case of theft, your data is unprotected and immediately accessible.


Confidentiality requires from doctors a careful handling of the data of the patients. This data should be protected from fire, theft, water or hardware damage. .

Our solution:

With BackUP Motion doctors have a maintenance-free and highly secure complete backup solution.

Your backup runs overnight, the files where encrypted before they where sent to our high-security datacenter.  This ensures that there is no unauthorized access on your sensive data. The key for decrypting the files is only known to YOU.

In case of fire, water, theft or hardware damage, you simply setup the BackUP Motion on the new hardware and restore your latest backup from our high-availability servers.


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