Thursday, 27 June 2019


Lawyers office


BackUPMotion for lawyers and notaries

Your Situation:

A lawyers/notary's office with one or more lawyers/notaries works with a few employees in an office.

In the office you have a local network for sharing printers and storage the data of the management software.

The lawyers/notaries have their data partly on the server and on the workstations.

On the server a tape-backup is set up, but it has to be manual started by an employee and is executed only sporadically.

Our solution:

With BackUP Motion lawyers have a maintenance-free and highly secure solution to backup their data from all existing servers and workstations.

Once the BackUP Motion software is installed of server and clients our solution works fully automatically. BackUP Motion can be configured to transfer all files whenever you want or to backup each file instantly (Continous Data Protection). BackUP Motion protects your management-software database and your exchange server mailboxes.

The data will be transmitted encrypted at night to our servers and will be stored there encrypted. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain possession of the data. The key to decrypt the data is known only by YOU.

Your advantages:

No need to purchase and configure expensive backup hardware. No personel required for executing the backups or change tapes. BackUP Motion is the only solution that proctects you against fire, water or hardware-theft damages.


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