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BackUP Motion for architects and engineers

Your Situation:

An engineering company has several architects and engineers. As support for the architects, several employees work in the administration. Some engineers are working in mobile office containers at the construction sites.

Every employee in the company has a desktop or laptop with access to the LAN. In this network are some servers with different tasks (like Mailserver, Storage server for CAD drawings....) In addition each architect owns a notebook for mobile use. All CAD drawings and documents must be kept for 10 years (depends on country). Today the drawings were stored on the file / archive server. A tape-backup was set up years ago, but only sporadicly executed. The tapes remain in the server room.

The mobile containers of the architects were sometimes broken in and the hardware had been stolen. Frequent changes to the CAD drawings and documents were made, if the notebook doesn´t work anymore or was stolen the data will be irretrievably lost.

Our solution:

With BackUP Motion, you have a maintenance-free and highly secure solution to backup your data from the servers, mobile workstations and notebooks.

The backup of the server is done at night as they run 24/7. The office clients which where connected to the LAN will not be backed up since the data is stored on the server.  The notebooks of the architects will be protected by BackUP Motion with the option "Continous Data Protection" over a WLAN or UMTS connection. Running BackUP Motion in background doesn´t disrupt or slowdown your workflow since its optimated to save system and connection ressources.

The data will be transmitted encrypted to our servers and will be stored there encrypted. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain possession of the data. The key to decrypt the data is known only by the architect or engineer.

In case of theft or hardware damage the architect or engineer can easily restore the files from our BackUP Motion server.

Your Advantages:

Your entire databases on the serversf, office and mobile workstations are protected from theft, fire, and hardware damage. The manual tape-backup which was only sporadically made isnt needed anymore...

The CAD drawings with a statutory retention period of 10 years are now saved in a high-availability data center. Changes to the backup copy will be transferred automatically.

The mobile workstations are protected as well as the workstations in the office against data loss. After the first "initial backup" only changes data will be transferred to the server - so the bandwidth of your internet connection is used as efficient as possible.

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