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BackUP Motion for architects

Your situation:

Each employee has a workstation oder notebook that has an access to the internal network. The network has two servers, the one server to store the CAD drawings, and the other has an Exchange database for appointments, contacts and emails.
In addition, each architect has a notebook for customer visits. The civil engineers have a mobile office with DSL or UMTS VPN access to internal corporate network. The prepared CAD drawings and calculations must be kept for 10 years. (depends on country)
So far, these drawings were stored on the file in an archive area. A backup was created years ago and is made irregularly. The tapes remain in the server room.

Mobile offices at contruction sites have already been broken up and the computers were stolen along with data. Since the engineers make frequent additions and changes to the CAD drawings and calculations such data are irretrievably lost in a theft.

Our solution: With BackUP Motion  architects and civil engineers have a maintenance-free and highly secure solution to backup data from the servers, mobile workstations and notebooks.

The BackUP Motion software is installed on the device to be secured. The securing of the servers is done for example over night. The office's PC that are connected to the network are not secured, because the data is stored on the servers. The notebooks are secured automatically when an architect have an internet  wireless, DSL or hotspot connection.  The execution of the BackUP Motion carried silently in the background, as this does not affect system performance and data traffic over the Internet.

The data will be transmitted encrypted to our servers and will be stored there encrypted. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain possession of the data. The key to decrypt the data is known only by the architect or engineer.

In case of theft or hardware damage the architect or engineer can easily restore the files from our BackUP Motion server.

Your advantages:

Your entire databases on the servers, office and mobile workstations are protected from theft, fire, and hardware damage. The manual tape-backup which was only sporadically made isnt needed anymore...

The CAD drawings with a statutory retention period of 10 years are now saved in a high-availability data center. Changes to the backup copy will be transferred automatically.

The mobile workstations are protected as well as the workstations in the office against data loss. After the first "initial backup" only changes data will be transferred to the server - so the bandwidth of your internet connection is used as efficient as possible.

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