Thursday, 27 June 2019




BackUPMotion for independent accountants

Your situation:

Your are self-employed accountant and didn´t performed backups so far or only sometimes.
On your system a comprehensive accounting-software is running wich builds in addition to emails and documents. Your business data  would be lost  if the harddisk oder controllerhardware fails. 


*The data recovery from broken hard drives by specialists costs an average of 400 € to 3000 €, not involved the loss of valuable time as well as accounting data. More information can be found here.

Our solution:

BackUP Motion is the backup-solution for your needs! Installing and configuring just takes about 15 minutes, afterward your online-backup runs fully-automatic and transfers your valuable data and files encrypted to our high-security datacenter.

Our software is designed to use save as much resources as possible, so you shouldn´t notice the BackUP Motion application running in the background.


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