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About BackUP Motion



1 MB data can be worth 10.000 EUR


Seen from a strategic perspective your data is the "heart" of our business.

You have invested a lot of time, money and effort into developing your business data. Contracts, transactions, records, proposals, accounting, marketing material, business contacts, emails, and even digital photos, provide a large portion of your valuable assets.

Studies have shown that:



  • 1MB of data can be worth about 10.000 EUR

  • Recovering just 20MB can cost more than 15.000EUR - just the time of restoring may take weeks to complete, without guarantee of success

  • Restoring data on crashed hard drives is extremly time consuming and expensive - with no guarantee of an actual recovery of your data

Data loss can destroy your company:

  • Companies without pro-active backup and recovery solutions are usually in bankruptcy after loss of data within 2 years

  • Loss of data- particulary the loss of business-critical data can damage the reputation of your business

  • No matter how bad it can get - data loss interrupts and interferes a smooth operation - Talk to us about "business continuity"

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